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September 18th – Sunday, September 22nd, 2019

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Big Pine Comedy Festival was a great experience to attend. Comedians from all over the country sharing their love of making people laugh. Workshops for people of all ages during the day where comedians with all different skill sets coming together to improve their craft, network, and have a good time. Great showcases featuring a mix emerging artists and people with tv credits. There are shows for the entire family as I heard a few clean shows where the laughter was still roaring. Cool venues featuring amazing Arizona brewed beer added to the awesome experience that was Big Pine 2018. I'll definitely be back again next year. Thank you to all the volunteers, comedians, and people who donated to make Big Pine 2018 a success.

Zach Fish, Fiesta Bowl Charities






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What people said about Big Pine 2018...

I've been very fortunate to be a participant in some of the best comedy competitions and festivals in my comedy career and I can say without a doubt, The Big Pine Comedy Festival is one of the best festivals I've done. From the staff, to the talent, to the industry that is brought in, it is an amazing opportunity for any comedian, whether you're first starting out or a veteran, the connections made are invaluable. I can't recommend it enough. 

"Big Irish" Jay Hollingsworth

Frickin’ THANK YOU for an unforgettable experience in Flagstaff this weekend! I had a blast meeting comedians from all over the country and even greater time sharing the stages with so many funny and talented artists.

Tema Sall

Truly too many people to thank! I got to do a ton of super helpful workshops, panels, loads of shows, hang out with friends I hadn’t seen in a long time and meet a bunch of new ones too. Flagstaff is the perfect town for something like this; it’s beautiful and unique. I can’t wait to see everyone again!

Alex Giampapa

I want to thank you so much for having me at Big Pine this past weekend. Everyone on the production and tech teams made this festival really smooth and easy for comics to focus on having good shows and meeting people. I had a lot of fun and hope to do it again in the coming years.

Stuart Thompson

To be honest, this festival and this weekend was one of the better times I’ve had just kickin’ it with super funny people on and off the stage. Every person on the Big Pine staff, THANK YOU so much for allowing me to be a part of this festival. You have something special with this festival and I just want to say thanks again for letting me experience it.

Frankie "Trixx" Agyemang

Last week at Big Pine was so dope! It was my first official out of state comedy festival I was selected to perform in, and I got to network with industry folks and funny ass comedians. There are many moments I wonder if all my hard work is even worth it, but then achievements like these happen and it pushes me to be better, to be funnier, and to be humble. Thank you Big Pine!

Shari Díaz

This has been an amazing weekend! There are so many people to thank for all the fun memories made and great times. Definitely a HUGE thank you to the Big Pine crew! Thank you for including me and bringing an amazing festival to Flagstaff! Thank you to everyone I met, talked to, and gave me advice. I’m so honored to meet such an amazing group of comics that I can now say are friends! Can’t wait for next year’s festivities and what the future holds!

Aricka Haller




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